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10-14-2012: Romance

This week romance is in the air.

  • The Billionaire’s Final Stand – Melody Anne
  • Longing for Love – Marie Force
  • Fearless Love – Meg Benjamin
  • Burning Love – Sable Hunter

The Billionaire’s Final Stand is the last installment in the Billionaire Bachelors series.  Joseph and George have a car accident, with Joseph in a long coma.  While Katherine reminisces and relates her and Joseph’s love story to the rest of the family, Austin and Kinsey fight against their feelings for each other, and George finds himself the victim of some payback as the kids are constantly coming between him and Esther as a way to force them to come out into the open.

Longing for Love is the 7th book in the McCarthy’s of Gansett Island series.  While the focus is on Tiffany and Blaine after her divorce is finalized, there’s tons going on with the rest of the clan on the island.

Fearless Love is also the 7th book in its series, Konigsburg TX.  MG Carmody is trying to survive in the aftermath of her grandfather’s death and the demise of her fledgling singing career in Nashville.  A spiteful great-aunt holds the mortgage to the chicken ranch and would love nothing more than for MG to default.  But no one counted on Chef Joe LeBlanc to appear with a job for MG and to sweep her off her feet.

Burning Love is the first book in the Cajun Spice series.  Beau and Nada were in the same runaway shelter as teenagers.  Beau went for help and when he returned he was told Nada was dead.  Sixteen years later, they are reunited, but she has some heavy baggage to overcome, as well as a madman after her who wants to see her dead.

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